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Accelmed Partners Invests in SKNV


Founded in 2016 by Dr. Spencer Malkin, SKNV is the market leader and FDA-Registered 503B Outsourcing Facility for customized medications dispensed directly from dermatology practices. With customized medicines making a clinical difference across the 12 most common dermatological diagnoses, SKNV enables doctors to determine the prescription potency and active ingredient customization needed for targeted results to their individual patients. By offering dermatology practices a complete system that includes customized medications and the proprietary technology platform required for compliant dispensing and patient management, SKNV is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of both modern practice operations and precision patient care. The Company's digital health platform allows local practices to focus on optimized daily care, while providing 24/7 tools to improve drug adherence, refill automation, and telehealth options for patients.

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