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Expedition Capital Partners, Prudential Private Capital, Ironwood Capital, and Tecum Capital Management Invests in Outwest Express


Established in 2010 by Michael Puzio and Zachary Chilson, Outwest operates a fleet of more than 400 tractors and 1,200 trailers serving a diversified group of more than 300 customers across the retail, medical, manufacturing, automotive and electronics industries. Based in El Paso, TX, with terminals in Kansas City, MO and McAllen, TX, Outwest specializes in managing complex Mexican cross-border logistics, which is one of the fastest-growing transportation marketplaces in North America. Outwest has capitalized on the strong tailwinds in near-shoring by manufacturers, driven by the relatively lower cost of shipping finished goods from Mexico versus overseas locales such as China, faster speed-to-market, a compelling cost of labor and a business-friendly environment.

Expedition Capital Partners

Prudential Private Capital

Ironwood Capital

Tecum Capital Management

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